Kurt Galbreath

Northern Michigan University
Department of Biology



I am an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Northern Michigan University. I study patterns of genetic diversity in wild organisms (especially mammals and their roundworm and tapeworm parasites) to understand the historical processes that have structured biological communities across space and time. My work focuses on the population-level consequences of past events such as Pleistocene glaciations and climatic fluctuations, with a geographic focus on high-latitude regions of North America and Asia. This research offers a view of the past that may provide insight into the potential effects of current and future environmental changes.

Research and teaching in the biological sciences open doors to exploration and discovery. For me this has manifested itself most vividly in field expeditions into remote parts of Siberia, Alaska, China, and North America's Intermountain West, but it is also evident in the thrill of examining new data or in helping a student to reach a new level of biological understanding. On this site you will find information on the projects that have fostered my enthusiasm for biology over the years, and you will meet some of the folks who have played a big roll in shaping my growth as a biologist. Thanks for visiting!